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Normal price of packages and shootings by a food photographer: Between 800 € and 3 000 €.
SublimeResto offer : From only 15€ onwards

Attracting new customers requires hard work and patience in the restaurant industry. The attention of customers is constantly being sought by different brands. There is no shortage of competition in this industry! As a restaurant owner, you have to highlight your restaurant's identity, and the particularity of your recipes. Culinary photography remains an essential asset in this sense to present your know-how. The photo of the dishes you prepare allows you to capture the customers and seduce them through your products.

How to increase your sales with a culinary photographer?

The eyes look at and inspect a dish. When the photo observed seduces the brain, the latter will order it to taste. With a culinary photo, you show your clients that you use only quality products in your recipes. The retouched photos of your dishes allow you to demonstrate your art as a culinary photographer and cook. These retouched photos will be used for your website and blog. The culinary photography will also embellish your social network pages to attract new customers.

The images and photos sublimated by an expert culinary photographer generate emotions in your targets. They are more powerful than words. A well done photo shoot in a studio has more impact with clients. Especially, if the retouched photos are accompanied by relevant presentations.

The impression that Internet users have when viewing photos of your plates influences their actions. They can choose to order from you, or skip it. By posting retouched photos of quality recipes, your targets imagine the effort put into the preparation of each dish. They think about the ingredients used during the cooking and the photo shoot.

They will even think about the taste of your recipes and the products they are looking at. This special care taken in the preparation of the food will have a unique effect on the customers. These retouched photos encourage your targets to devour your kitchen with your eyes. They will take action and come to taste your food. The photo of a professional food photographer will make their mouths water.

Culinary photography: an effective call to action

Your retouched photos serve to feed your blog and stimulate the appetite of your readers. The food photography must meet a certain quality, in line with the service and the dish you serve. A well-dressed plateThis is a great way to get a picture of the food, without any spilled sauce or fingerprints, and it is a great way to get a picture of the food.

It is also necessary that the photographer brings out the particularity of the dishand its texture as well as its cooking during the shooting. A studio shoot requires techniques and knowledge that only a food photographer can master. In fact, the intensity of the light and the orientation of the product reduce the blur and improve the sharpness of the photos. Framing and focusing offer a nuance between the highlights of the background and main images.

Post retouched photos that appeal to your readers. They are both your brand image and a signature for your brand. A beautiful dish describes the flavor it contains and the skills of the cooks. A well-executed culinary photo shoot gives results that are worth a thousand words. So, tell the story of the art you practice every day through photos.

It's not just about food preparation or cooking. You also have the opportunity to immortalize your staff in the spotlight. The staff photo shoot highlights the atmosphere in the kitchen. The ballet in the dining room humanizes your restaurant. The retouched photos immortalized by the photographer positively affect the customers' decision in choosing a restaurant.

You should know that the retouched images are stored at 60 % by the clientsagainst 10 % for texts. The photo shooting is also a new marketing strategy which revolutionizes the world of the restoration. The culinary photography will make the difference between your sign and the competition.

SublimeResto in a few words

SublimeResto is an innovative service to sublimate photos of dishes and food, using artificial intelligence to transform your images into professional quality visuals. Easy to use and customizable, SublimeResto is the ideal solution for highlight your culinary creations and boost your sales.

Why would you prefer to work with SublimeResto?

For all these reasons (and surely many more) :


The use of SublimeResto is more affordable than hiring a professional photographer. The rates for a food photographer can be high, especially if they are experienced and talented. On the other hand, SublimeResto offers flexible credit purchasing options which are adapted to different budgets.


SublimeResto generates professional quality food photos in no timeWhile working with a photographer can take more time, due to the need to compare quotes, plan a shoot, prepare the food, set up the stage and lighting, photograph them and wait for the photos to be retouched and delivered.

Ease of use

With SublimeResto, all you have to do is upload your existing food photos to get enhanced images. This eliminates the need to coordinate and schedule a photo shoot with a food photographer.


SublimeResto allows you to request several generations of photos to find the best version of your dishes. This can be more difficult and expensive to achieve with a professional photographer, who may charge extra for additional shots or retouching.

Regular image updates

Thanks to the ease of use and low cost of SublimeResto, you can regularly update the images of your dishes to correspond to seasonal changes, new ingredients or special promotionswithout having to organize each time a photo session with a professional photographer.

Adaptability to different lighting and shooting conditions

SublimeResto uses artificial intelligence to improve the photos of dishes, which allows it to adapt to various lighting and shooting conditions. This adaptability can be particularly useful when the original photos are taken in less than ideal conditions.

Sublime Guarantee

SublimeResto is a young startup, so we want you to be absolutely delighted with the photos generated to sublimate your menu, your dishes and your culinary creations, whether you are in Paris or anywhere else in France (or in the world). We cannot offer you a trial credit because the generation of sublime images requires huge computing resources. However, we are committed to your satisfaction with our Sublime guarantee:

100% Satisfied or Redeemed Guarantee

We take all the risks for you. If you are not satisfied with the results generated, you can change your settings and regenerate the result several times on your own. If you are still not satisfied with the result, simply send us an email and we will assist you in creating the photo of your dreams.